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Alan's Skills History


As a Full Stack Developer and Development Manager my 20+ years of experience includes team management, agile project management, full stack “hands on” development both front and backend for desktop and mobile platforms, search engine optimization and marketing, and lead generation. For a full work history, download my resume.

Awards and Certifications

  • PMP / Agile Project Management
  • BAI / PCI compliance certified
  • Certified with PHP/MySQL
  • Certified Adobe Photoshop/DreamWeaver
  • HTML Master Builder
  • Graphic Comm., Moorpark College
  • Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America

Additional Skills of Note

Agile Project Management, AngularJS, Bootstrap, CakePHP 2/3, CSS, Debian/Ubuntu, E-commerce, HTML, jQuery, KohanaPHP Framework, LAMPP Administration, Laravel/Lumen, Linux, Microsoft SQL Server, MVC Patterns, MySQL, noSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra, etc), ORM / ActiveRecord, Photoshop, PHP, PHPUnit, Responsive Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Marketing, Version Control SVN/Git (Bitbucket, Github and Gitlab)



“Alan is a very talented Web Developer with strong technical skills. He has good business sense and the ability to complete projects on his own without supervision. He went above and beyond what was required of him to complete projects on time at MediaTrust."

‐ Joe Hopkins, Chief Systems Architect, MediaTrust, Inc.

“Alan is an extremely capable IT person who understands how e-marketing can be used effectively to enhance productivity and improve the bottom line. He also shows great initiative in developing new and creative uses of services his team provides.”

‐ Rich Jarc, VP Marketing, JEG Diversified Healthcare

“Alan is detail oriented, setting clear goals and objections that help ensure projects are successfully managed. He is driven and works diligently to complete each step of the plan leading to a timely launch of his projects. His lively personality is enjoyable to work with.”

‐ David R. Smith, VP Marketing, Kaiku Finance

“Over the past two years, Alan helped our company rebuild and relaunch a fast well designed and useful website. He is an expert in MySQL, PHP, Linux, API's, and overall web development. I would highly recommend him for any web development project.”

‐ Avi Gallant, Founder and Partner,

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