Who is AJB? That would be me, Alan, that’s who!

Ever since everything was text and backgrounds were grey – I’ve been developing custom web sites. With every new evolution of the web, everytime it’s changed, I’ve been in the middle of if. I’ve worked on developing all types of sites. Video sharing, social networks, blogging tools, custom stores, dynamic mobile sites for Android and no project to big or too small. I also maintain and release free open source software from time to time. I’ve worked on huge traffic sites (500,000+ pages views a day) to small stealthy start ups. I’ve even built a few apps that are in the Apple App store and contribute to the open source community.

I think the internet is all about sharing what you find. Helping others with answers to their questions or getting the information they need. I guess that makes me a developer blogger.

My History

I started back in 1996 doing graphic design. I majored in Graphic Communications before you could get a web development degree. While I was in college I was designing trade show booths and DVD/CD album artwork, when a few clients asked if I could develop website for them – and I jumped in with both feet More and more web sites took over the print work I was doing and before I knew it I was developing a huge site for Kia Cars! I did work on lots of different sites until I moved to Novalogic.

At Novalogic I was affectionately called, “The Web Guy”. I was developing sites for all of their games until I took on the huge task of making it a true multi-national site. This meant programming for multiple languages and territories, 8 at the height of the site, as well as integrating multiple shopping carts. As I worked and played there, I was lucky enough to be asked to redesign the user interface (UI) for the in game HUD. Joint Operations was the fruit of that endevor.

Since then I’ve been working with different companies to launch their web sites, apps and businesses online. I developed an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for HCA/Specialty Surgery centers, I built a blogging network for AskPatty, created a high availability system for video sharing, a Groupon clone, an iTunes web site for progressive rock fans, a complete business network with ConejoLive, a full lead generation and ecommerce platform, as well as lots of other small/medium size web sites.

So while all that business was taking place, I did have the time to marry my best friend and have a bunch of amazing kids.

Thanks for visiting my blog!